Flip Hacking LIVE 2019
October 10 - 12, 2019
San Diego, CA
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October 10: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
October 11: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
October 12: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
*Exact times may change.
San Diego Hilton Bayfront Hotel
1 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101
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WHAT IF you could have your own money-making MACHINE?
I'm talking about a machine where you put $1 dollar in and get $3, or $4, or $5, or even $10 dollars out.

If you had a machine like this...

...what would that do for you?

How would that change your life?  Your family's life?  What would you do differently if you knew that all you had to do was push a button and you could turn $1 into $10?

It sounds crazy.  It sounds impossible.

But that's what a business is.

Any profitable business is nothing more (or less) than a money-making machine that turns $1 into $3 or $4 or $5 or $10.
Justin Williams
Flipped 700+ Houses
Real Estate Mentor
Nobody gets into flipping houses because they want to lose money.  This isn't a hobby.  You're not out there trying to connect with sellers and get contracts signed and find buyers just because it's fun.  Nope...

You're doing all this to make money.

But if you're like most house flippers and wholesalers, you're trading your time for dollars.

And when you're trading time for dollars, that's called a job, not a business.

Businesses are predictable.  They're consistent.  They're repeatable and scalable.  They can be automated and run by just about anyone.

But like all machines, they don't just pop out of thin air...

You have to build them.  One piece at a time.  You have to build the machine.

The problem is, most house flippers are getting one big thing wrong...
You might THINK you're in the HOUSE FLIPPING business...
But you're NOT.
Most house flippers think this game is about "finding" deals or swinging hammers or taking dumpy old homes and making them cute and lovely again.

Sorry, no.

I'm asking you to forget everything you think you know about how house flipping works and where your profit comes from...

...because the truth is, this really isn't about houses at all.
You're in the MONEY-MULTIPLYING business.
Too many house flippers and wholesalers think their job is to dig through the MLS, answer calls from sellers, hang up bandit signs, and on and on...

But that's wrong.

Your job is to build the machine.  Your job is to figure out a repeatable, predictable system that lets you spend $1 and get $10 back.  Everything else follows from this.

So how do you do it?  How do you build a money-making machine?

The good news is, it's a step-by-step process.  And there are just 3 things you need.
1. Conveyor Belt Deals
2. Your Money Multiplier
3. Operation Rainmaker
Get these 3 things in place, and you will have a profitable business... whether you're flipping houses or selling lemonade.
I've been mentoring real estate investors for more than 6 years.  I've seen investors make it big, and I've seen others fail.

The difference is these 3 things.

So how do you do it?  How do you build the machine?  I'm glad you asked...

For 3 days in October, in San Diego, CA, the nation's top house flippers and wholesalers are going to come together in one place and show you exactly how to do it, step by step.
At FLIP HACKING LIVE, the nation's top house flippers and wholesalers share their BIGGEST SECRETS... so YOU can HACK them and copy their success!
What if just once a year all of the most successful house flippers and wholesalers got together and shared their top secrets?

How would you like to sit in a room for 3 days and see the inner workings of their million-dollar systems?

Well, you can...

It's called FLIP HACKING LIVE, and we do it just once a year...
Once a year, the nation's top house flippers and wholesalers come together and for 3 short days, they share their "#1 secret system" for getting all the deals they want... 

They share the "one thing" that's making 98% of their money.

They literally hand you their systems and let you "hack" everything they're doing...

...and they hold NOTHING back.  (We don't let them.)

What would YOU give to be in that room?

A very limited number of investors have the chance to be part of this and take these secrets to be their own.

If you're ready to change your life, reserve a spot at this year's Flip Hacking LIVE event before tickets sell out!
The system that will bring you more deals than you know what to do with...
Where the rubber meets the road... and your machine churns out consistent deals!
Making $10 for every $1 you put into your money-making machine!
Don't Just Take MY WORD For It...
Don't Just Take MY
WORD For It...
Here's what attendees have to say, in their own words...
It's amazing what can happen when you get around the right people...
San Diego Hilton Bayfront Hotel
San Diego Hilton
Bayfront Hotel
1 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101
Got your tickets? Email Vanessa@HouseFlippingHQ.com to book your room at the hotel!
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Justin Williams
The House Flipping King
Justin has been a full time investor for 12 years and has flipped more than 700 homes in multiple states.

Justin has built a systematized, automated house flipping business that lets him spend his time with his family and doing the things he loves!
Andy McFarland
The Nation's Top Wholesaler
Andy has been a full time investor for over 12 years, has completed well over 1,000 real estate transactions, and is currently doing 25 to 30 deals per month!

Andy is currently using systems to wholesale and flip tons of houses in 3 different states.
Bill Allen
On Track for 200 Deals This Year
Bill flipped 2 houses in 2015... and just 1 year later he had built a team, systematized his business, and completed more than 70 deals!

Bill is a master at creating systems and taking action, and is on track for 200+ deals this year!
"Mike and Mike"
$1.5 Million Per Year Flipping
Mike Simmons and Mike Cowper built a $300,000 per year flipping business... then massively scaled it to $1.5 million in just 1 year by putting the right people and processes in place to systematize everything!

These guys are real estate investing experts with an incredible story.
Don Costa
200+ Flips This Year
Don Costa is a flipping powerhouse who has built a fully systematized fix-and-flip company in one of the most hyper-competitive markets in the nation!

He has found success over and over flipping houses where others won't go... and his depth of experience makes him a great resource.
Flip Hacking LIVE 2019
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October 10 - 12 / San Diego, CA
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